DONE DEAL: Tottenham sign youth striker George Feeney from Glentoran FC

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New youth player just dropped! Northern Irish Premier League side Glentoran FC announced on their website and social media channels that 16-year-old youth striker George Feeney has officially transferred to Tottenham Hotspur!

Unusually, Tottenham have also made this announcement, though in the context of a new promo video on Twitter that introduces a new cohort of U18 players to the club. Feeney is shown right at the end. This is unusual as the club often doesn’t make a huge deal out of the signing of underage players (Lucas Bergvall being the big exception); this is the first time I can remember the club putting together an announcement video for new U18 players, which might speak to how excited they are for this new group.


Feeney is apparently the standout addition to this new academy cohort. I wish I could tell you more about him, but suffice it to say that Spurs are pretty pleased they got him and he had been courted by a number of other clubs. Suffice it to say that it’ll likely be a few years before Feeney or any of the new boys make an impact, but don’t let me stop you from picking your favorite name from the group and hyping them into the stratosphere — that’s part of the fun!

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